Fundación Tropicalia Celebrates its 10th Anniversary with the Community of Miches

Miches, April 24, 2019 - Fundación Tropicalia is celebrating its tenth anniversary in promoting the socioeconomic and environmental development of Miches, positioning this destination as a benchmark for sustainable tourism in the Dominican Republic and beyond.

In its 10 years of experience, Fundación Tropicalia has implemented more than 30 programs for the local community in four priority areas: environment, education, productivity and sociocultural advocacy; managing innovative, high-impact projects in agriculture, gender equality, education, environment, entrepreneurship and microfinance. These efforts today translate into 8 fixed programs that serve more than 1,000 people each year. In other words, more than 10,500 benefits granted throughout this period. 

Actions Taken In The Last 10 Years

Educational initiatives, such as improving school infrastructure, teacher training, hosting complementary workshops for young students, and a scholarship program, are several of the initiatives developed by the Foundation to positively impact the quality of education in Miches. To date, these programs have benefited more than 160 teachers and 3,000 students, and have granted more than 30 teens the ability to pursue university degrees such as engineering, agronomy, business administration and environmental management. To date, there are 14 graduates and 8 of them are already professionals; all of which have expanded their opportunities in joining the labor market.

Through its productivity programs, the Foundation has been training and offering access to financing to hundreds of local producers and entrepreneurs. The idea is to help them to join Miches' sustainable tourism value chain and strengthen local production capacity. 90 credit lines have been issued to farmers and more than 1,800 participations have registered in various workshops to improve their production and marketing processes. The Foundation has also trained more than 60 entrepreneurs in the development and strengthening of business plans, and has awarded 8 of them with financing to start-up their small businesses. The Foundation will soon launch a pilot program, Acceleration of Companies, which will provide personalized support to entrepreneurs with existing businesses. 

One of the Foundation’s most important initiatives is the summer camp I’m a Girl, I’m Important (SNSI). Each year, more than 300 girls from 9 to 12 years old receive constructive, yet fun, guidance to help them discover their potential, empower themselves and recognize the value they have in their communities. Across the camp’s previous six editions they have counted with a total of 1,463 participations at SNSI. It should also be noted that within the area of ​​sociocultural advocacy, the Foundation also contributes to the conservation and promotion of the cultural traditions local to Miches region, through the promotion of various cultural groups, celebrations, Carnival, and native initiatives.

As a major ally to the region and a great proponent of positioning Miches as a destination for sustainable tourism, Fundacion Tropicalia also promotes the protection and conservation of the environment, working in collaboration with local authorities on environmental studies of the neighboring lagoon, and the rescue and maintenance of beaches. Each year more than 2 days of beach cleaning are carried out, which are complemented by the installation of educational signs and garbage collection points called 'green points'. 

The results achieved clearly mark the foundation of what will continue to be Fundacion Tropicalia’s ongoing work, clearly outlined in the words of William Phelan, President of Fundación Tropicalia: The most interesting element of these past 10 years has been working directly with people. We have lived through countless experiences that have allowed us to better understand the needs of the environment and its challenges, which is fundamental to working together towards the sustainable growth of this destination.

About the Anniversary Celebration 

To commemorate this decade of great achievements, Fundación Tropicalia will present a photographic exhibition "10 YEARS NEXT TO MICHES", a journey through time that highlights memorable moments of the Foundation together with the Miches community, captured under the spotlight of the Argentine photographer Fer Figheras, who fell in love with Miches and decided to join this effort from its beginnings.

The exhibition, composed of 15 images, will be placed in the Municipal Park of Miches, from April 25 to May 8, 2019. Then it will travel to Santo Domingo to be displayed in the commercial shopping centers of the capital, an action that seeks to increase the visibility of the region by placing Miches and its attractions before the eyes of many more Dominicans.

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