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Leave a mark on other people's lives

Throughout the year we offer a variety of opportunities where people can help make a difference. You may make in-kind and monetary donations, or volunteer your time to assist us with our programs.

If you want to leave a mark on the lives of others, we invite you to collaborate with us on our programs.


Every July and August, Fundación Tropicalia hosts Soy niña, soy importante (“I’m a Girl, I’m Important” or SNSI), an all-girls summer camp for at-risk girls in Miches ages 9 through 12. Girls in Miches often times assume adult responsibilities at a very young age, limiting childhood play and propelling them into grown-up situations unprepared.

This program encourages young girls to dream big, and gives them the courage to make timely life decisions like staying in school and postponing pregnancy. 

Our goal is to influence, every year, the lives of more than 300 girls. In order to make this a reality, in addition to the contributions made by our Foundation, we hope to be able to count on donations from companies and individuals, which can be made in cash or in products and materials.

To make your donation and learn more about this initiative, visit our website snsi.fundaciontropicalia.comLastly, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share the magic of SNSI with your network!


We appreciate the contribution of people with high social commitment, interested in the socioeconomic development of the most vulnerable areas in the Dominican Republic.

We invite you to donate your time and be part of the beautiful experience offered by our programs, whether participating in beach clean-up days; offering your knowledge to train local producers and entrepreneurs; teaching educational workshops; or being a volunteer in our Soy niña, soy importante summer camp.

If you wish to volunteer for Fundación Tropicalia, please email us at, your curriculum and a letter of intent stating which programs you wish to be part of and how will you impact the lives of the community. We look forward to hearing from you.

Note: It is essential to speak advanced Spanish to be a volunteer.