FT Scholarship Program – UISA receives new students

Enthusiastically Fundación Tropicalia begins the third year of the Scholarship Program FT – UISA, with the arrival of three new students and a broader academic offering.

Ramón Perez, Jhanny Candelaria and Arsenio Camacho are entering ISA University to pursue degrees in Agricultural Engineering and Food Technology Engineering, this last course is a new addition to the career tracks offered in previous years.

The three students are clear about their goals in their return to Miches:

  • Jhanny Candelaria, 18 years old: “I want to help the agricultural sector to implement what I learned in the countryside and help the farmers in the area.”
  • Ramon Perez, 18 years old: “I want to have my own sausage production company like Induveca, when I return to Miches.”
  • Arsenio Camacho, 22 years: “I want to be an example to my community in El Cedro and to implement and convey my knowledge to all my friends.”

It is the first time the program receives a female student in the Agricultural Engineering career and is optimistic and excited about the new challenges she will face. These young students join the six others who entered the program two years ago, for a total of nine scholarships.