The Christmas Hope

Christmas is here and with it comes a time filled with hope, joy and peace. It is a special time of closeness and sharing with friends and family to feed and strengthen the bonds of love and friendship. So these days, we must let ourselves be spread by the feeling of solidarity and understanding, forgiveness, affection and love, especially to those most in need.

These dates, which we remember the birth of Jesus, are conducive to rediscover God, ourselves and others. In Miches, especially, Christmas is the occasion of family reunion and the return of people who have had to leave out. The distance of the absent, perhaps, has contributed the Christmas period to be much closer than anywhere else in the country and we have developed some traditions and family ties that we must strive to maintain.

Let’s meet with our people to share quality time, avoiding confrontations, discussions and sad memories, forgiving, being grateful and knowing that it is not necessary to spend a lot to be happy. If there are children or young people in our family, let’s share with them the traditions and Christmas events, and make them participants of the solidarity and love of these days.

Christmas is also a time to give thanks for the goals we set ourselves and reached them this past months, as well as reflect on that hasn’t become a reality. These days, where ends a year and another is born, we should observe ourselves, set new goals, assume commitments and begin a renewed period in our lives.