Soy niña, soy importante: Summer Camp Fundraising Season Kicks Off!

Our Fundraising Season Starts Now!

We're excited to announce the launch of our fundraising season for "Soy niña, soy importante!"  Every donation, big or small, received by June 15th will help us bring Soy nina, soy importante to more girls this summer and throughout the year.

Cisneros employee donations qualify for a corporate match.

Visit our website to learn more about the program and donate securely. Together, let's empower girls to break their cycle and create their own futures!

Empower 350 Girls Throughout the Year. 

This year we aim to send over 300 girls to summer camp and support 50 adolescent girls on transformative journeys of learning, growth, and fun. But why is this program so crucial?

The Challenges Facing Girls in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, while beautiful, presents unique challenges for young girls. 

Limited educational opportunities: Traditional expectations and poverty can prevent girls from completing their education, hindering their future prospects.

High rates of teen pregnancy: Early pregnancy disrupts education and limits economic opportunities.

Lack of safe spaces: The prevalence of gender-based violence leaves girls vulnerable to harassment, abuse, exploitation and violence, limiting their freedom and well-being.

Inadequate access to sexual and reproductive health education: Knowledge and resources can be scarce, putting girls at risk for unwanted pregnancies and health issues.

Soy niña, soy importante: A Beacon of Hope

Soy niña, soy importante tackles these challenges head-on.  

Strengthen their academic foundation: Workshops and activities reinforce essential skills and foster a love of learning.

Develop healthy relationships: Girls learn about effective communication, conflict resolution, and build self-esteem crucial for building strong interpersonal connections.

Gain vital knowledge: Sexual and reproductive health education empowers girls to make informed choices about their bodies and futures.

Discover their potential: Sports and life planning activities build confidence and equip them with tools to chart their own path.

Donate today and make a difference!