Fundación Tropicalia and USAID/RED Inaugurate Two Greenhouses in Miches This month Fundación Tropicalia, along with its partners USAID and REDDOM, officially inaugurated two greenhouses in Miches, marking a successful end to the agricultural diversification program that has taken place over the last six months.  Seedlings were planted in the La Gina and La Culebra greenhouses, benefitting the Agricultural Association of Juan Pablo Duarte and the Agricultural Association of La Esperanza, respectively. Kalvin Bencosme, Agronomist of Estancia La Querencia and organic expert, and Cesareo Ciprian, Agronomist at Tropicalia’s beach property, assisted in planting the seedlings with the members from the two agricultural associations. Locals should begin to see results of these seedlings in the next 3-4 months in hopes that on a long-term scale these greenhouses will diversify agricultural production in Miches, providing a local supply of vegetables and promoting food security and healthy diets.