Communication: An essential component to the development of Miches

We just published our 50th edition of our Community Newsletter and it is amazing to look back and see how far we’ve come! A decade ago, when Fundación Tropicalia began its work in Miches, we noticed there was a need for an exchange of ideas. For this reason, we promoted open dialogue to help provide solutions to everyday challenges, where listening to others became just as important as the solution itself. An open dialogue with the people of Miches has been a fundamental component in the community’s sustainable development.

Since the launch of our first newsletter, in December 2011, we knew this media held a great responsibility ahead. Being the only print media in the city, we conceived this material as an opportunity to create a platform to communicate good news, highlight prominent figures of the Miches´community, in addition to informing readers about the programs promoted by our foundation. But above all, the medium created a space to promote coexistence, where the preservation of natural wealth is the engine of inclusive development.

Without a doubt, the unique charm of Miches now attracts the attention of more visitors each year. It is our responsibility to spread awareness on how caring for the environment is our greatest asset. Therefore, Fundación Tropicalia will continue joining forces with the community in order to keep offering, through its newsletter, a platform that shares messages, knowledge and tools with the vision of positioning Miches as a sustainable destination. The care of our beaches, the preservation of our species, the correct treatment of waste, sustainable local production, gender equity and the value of education, are issues that should always be on the minds of everyone in Miches. Only then, will Miches be able to stand as a sustainable and responsible tourism destination in the eyes of the country and around the world. 

2020 will be a year of many challenges that fill us with enthusiasm. We are witnessing the rise of more tourism investment in the area, as well as an increase in the number of visitors. As neighbors and lovers of Miches, we reaffirm our commitment to the values ​​we have defended for more than 10 years. We will remain committed to our communication outlet, and invite any relevant parties to join. The bottom line  is that we all continue working around the feeling that unites us: respect for Miches and its environment.