An Unforgettable Year for the Girls of Miches

In 2023, Soy niña, soy importante remained committed to innovation, forging new partnerships, and advancing initiatives to empower girls and young women in the municipality of Miches. The following highlights the array of activities undertaken throughout the year:


Volunteer Training

We conducted a two-day training session with our volunteers, outlining the camp's curriculum, coordinating logistics, and equipping them with materials for the upcoming camp. This training, hosted at UNIBE, saw the participation of 23 dedicated volunteers.

Camp 2023

We initiated and successfully concluded the Soy niña, soy importante camp, hosting 300 girls aged 9 to 12 from the communities of El Cedro, La Gina, and Miches over a span of three weeks.

Participation in the Lead Lad RD Volunteer Fair

Lead Lad RD organized the inaugural volunteer fair, a platform aimed at promoting social work and fostering volunteer opportunities. SNSI seized the opportunity to take part in this inaugural event, sharing our vision, identity, journey, and outlining ways in which individuals could contribute to our cause.


Soy niña, soy importante Club

In October, we launched our Soy niña, soy importante Club with graduates from the camp. We had 28 participants who got together every Saturday for seven weeks, covering diverse topics such as sexual and reproductive health, self-esteem, jewelry workshops, recycling, painting, vocational guidance, and outdoor activities.


Medical Operation with Oncoserv Foundation

Soy niña, soy importante collaborated with the ONCOSERV Foundation to implement a vaccination initiative, administering the first dose against the human papillomavirus to girls. Concurrently, they administered pap smears to the girls' mothers, and a session on menstruation management took place, complete with the provision of cloth sanitary napkin kits. A follow-up event was conducted six months later for the administration of the second vaccine dose. 

Ambassador Assembly

We held our annual meeting with ambassadors where we announced the set objectives for the new edition of the camp.

Second benefit cocktail with the Bentrani Group

Together with the Bentrani Group, we celebrated the second cocktail to benefit Soy niña, soy importante

Factor de Éxito Magazine Golf Tournament

Soy niña, soy importante in collaboration with Factor de Éxito Magazine, held a golf tournament to raise funds for the initiative.

Film Forum Presentation of "Ramona"

To mark the International Day of the Girl Child, we hosted a film forum featuring the movie "Ramona." Following the screening, we engaged in a discussion with our guests and audience, exploring their perspectives on the film, addressing topics such as teenage pregnancy, the family's role, the responsibilities of authorities, civil society at large, and identifying actionable steps needed to instigate positive change in our community.

Everything we do is possible thanks to the effort and support of people, companies and allies who year after year place their trust in the work we do for the girls of Miches.