We drive impact through strategic partnerships...

All of our programs exist because of the partnerships we form. Whether through a community partnership or one established with the private, public, civil society, international or academic sectors, the diversity of Fundación Tropicalia’s alliances allows us to drive innovative, high-impact programs while vying for the effective use of resources.

Adopem Bank

2015-present. We work together to widen the scope of financial services available to the micro entrepreneurs that are supported by our programs.

Adopem ONG

2015-present. We bring financial and women’s empowerment education programs to the Miches community.


2008-2014. In support of the arts and cultural events in Miches.

Inter-American Development Bank, Multilateral Investment Fund, (IDB/MIF)

2012-present. We execute a project for the inclusion of micro and small enterprises into the sustainable tourism supply chain in Miches.

EDUCA (Acción Empresarial por la Educación)

2013-present. We work together to improve public education policy, create brand awareness and drive impact in Miches education programs.

Fondo para el Desarrollo, Inc. (FONDESA)

2008-present. Working to democratize access to financial services, diversify banking products and support the inclusion of micro and small enterprises in the tourist and agricultural supply chains.

Fundación Cisneros

2009-2013. We worked with the AME and Think Art programs to bring professional development opportunities to teachers in the Miches school district.

Rural Economic Development Dominicana Foundation / Fundación REDDOM / USAID

2012-2013. We established and cultivated 1.580 mt² of greenhouse infrastructure, provided technical training to farmers, and nutrition workshops to Miches families.

Fundación Orange Dominicana

2013-2014. We received support from Fundación Orange for our annual girls’ summer camp, “Soy niña, soy importante”.

Dominican Institute for Integral Development (IDDI)

2011-2014. We collaborated on special projects to improve their design or increase access to funding.

Ministry of Telecommunications (INDOTEL)

2009-2012. We established community computing centers and provided digital literacy and online teacher training workshops.

Junior Achievement Dominicana (JADOM)

2013-2014. We bring financial and entrepreneurship education curriculum to high school students in Miches.

Junta Agroempresarial Dominicana (JAD)

2015-present. We work to modernize, diversify and make more sustainable the agricultural practices in the Miches community.

Ministerio de Agricultura

2013-present. We collaborate on special projects related to agricultural supply chains and technical training for farmers.

Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic

2010-present. We work to improve the quality of education in the Miches school district.

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources

2008-present. We collaborate on special projects related to environment and education.

Municipality of Miches

2008-present. We collaborate on special projects related to culture, sports, education and environment.

National Business Network for Environmental Protection (ECORED)

2008-present. We gain access to a private-sector network that increases environmental protection efforts and promotes public-private sector dialogue.

The Ocean Foundation

2015-present. We collaborate on special projects to increase our access to funding in the United States.

Open University for Adults (UAPA)

2011-2012. We designed and implemented financial education workshops for adult learners and microentrepreneurs in Miches.

Universidad ISA (College of Agriculture)

2011-present. We host a scholarship program for Miches students who are interested in agricultural science and science education careers.

World Vision

2012-present. We collaborate on projects that support community development.