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Fundación Tropicalia designs and implements programs for the local community in four key areas: the environment, education, productivity, and socio-cultural advocacy. Established in 2008 by Tropicalia, a sustainable tourism and real estate development of Cisneros Real Estate, the foundation drives sustainable, socioeconomic development in the town of Miches by working in partnership with the community and institutions from the private, public, civil society and academic sectors. The diversity of its partnerships allows for innovative, high-impact programs and the efficient use of resources.

With years of on-the-ground experience, the Fundación Tropicalia team continues to successfully advance sustainable development through high-impact initiatives, local stakeholder engagement, and shared value opportunities to drive business solutions to the most pressing social problems in the region.


 Gustavo Cisneros – Chairman, Cisneros

My wife Patty and I have considered the Dominican Republic home for more than 40 years. We have raised our family in this great country, and our three adult children and ten grandchildren have a special attachment to it as well. I have a special affinity for this abundant nation and its people. More than a business venture, Tropicalia was born out of a commitment from my family and our company to the Dominican Republic in favor of its economic and social development and the careful stewardship of its land and natural resources. Through Tropicalia we will introduce a new segment in the tourism industry on the island, that of luxury travel. Fundación Tropicalia is a vital component of this initiative, engaging with the local community and other stakeholders, to jointly make a great success of Miches and its surrounding areas.

 Adriana CisnerosCEO, Cisneros

As a young girl, I came to the Dominican Republic to help my father search for the perfect place for our next home. When we stumbled upon Miches, along the Dominican Republic’s northeastern coastline, there was no question; we wanted to stay. So in 2008 we established Fundación Tropicalia to support the comprehensive development and prosperity of Miches. Our programs work because the community is the protagonist of its own success, whether by repairing local schools, financing small businesses or restoring natural resources. Tropicalia and Fundación Tropicalia seek to position Miches as a sustainable tourism destination, where the industry and the community are one. It’s a lofty goal and one I am proud to lead.

 William PhelanPresident, Fundación Tropicalia

Born in Venezuela and raised between the USA and Europe, I have worked with Cisneros for more than 15 years in a variety of roles, but nothing has been more challenging and exciting than working on Tropicalia and establishing Fundación Tropicalia. The business model that Tropicalia pursues is inclusive and constantly seeks opportunities for shared value, weaving social and economic prosperity into one. I work here because of our commitment to making a real change in our community and our industry through innovative design and partnerships. Seeing the fruits of our labor and knowing we have made a difference in the lives of dozens of community stakeholders is what keeps me going.

 Sofía PerazzoExecutive Director, Fundación Tropicalia

With my Argentine roots and California upbringing, I’m definitely a product of this globalized, chaotic and beautiful world. I’ve lived in eight cities in three continents; studied, lived and breathed international development for more than 10 years; and in 2008 I was lucky enough to be part of Fundación Tropicalia’s conception and development. I also advise Tropicalia on sustainability strategy, and work closely with our team to identify innovative solutions to complex problems. Together we design programs, engage the right partners and are committed to supporting the socioeconomic development of the Miches community. 

 Gustavo RománGeneral Coordinator, Fundación Tropicalia

I enjoy working in the development field and aspire for the sustainable wellbeing for all. I was born in Santo Domingo, earned my Master’s degree in Hotel & Tourism from the University of Alcala in Madrid, and have resided in Miches since 2010. The value of the Foundation’s work lies in that unique space where corporate vision and community expectations come together, allowing us to work harmoniously toward common goals.

 Kathy DuránEducation Manager, Fundación Tropicalia

With a degree in Clinical Psychology, and work experience as a teacher specialized in psycho-diagnosis and early childhood development, I’ve dedicated most of my professional life to infant children and their families as they are a crucial piece of the development puzzle. I’m from Santo Domingo and since 2012 form part of the Fundación Tropicalia team in Miches, responsible for coordinating and supporting our education, social, community development initiatives.

 Ualnovis NovaAdministrative Assistant, Fundación Tropicalia

Born and raised in Miches, I now form part of a team that accompanies its development. Working alongside this tremendously committed group of people has allowed me the opportunity to choose a path of professional growth. I cherish the thought of being able to make a contribution via the Foundation’s work in creating a better future for my hometown. 


Tropicalia is a sustainable tourism development of Cisneros Real Estate located on the beaches of the northeast coastline of the Dominican Republic. Conceived by Gustavo A. Cisneros, Chairman of Cisneros, and CEO Adriana Cisneros de Griffin, Tropicalia is a high-end, low-impact resort that integrates luxury travel with environmental integrity.

Tropicalia embraces a stakeholder approach to management, and is a model for Cisneros’ Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability efforts. With an emphasis on harmony with nature, Tropicalia is positioned to serve as a model for sustainable tourism in the Caribbean, providing world class services that are both environmentally and socially responsible.

The project is an important economic catalyst for the Dominican Republic, which welcomes more than five million visitors each year, and is set on creating a new benchmark for tourism, integrating the surrounding communities in pre and post development phases, and positioning Miches as a sustainable tourism destination.


According to the World Tourism and Travel Council, tourism represented 9.8% of global GDP and 284 million jobs in 2015. With Latin America expected to outperform world industry growth by 4.7% over the next 10 years, the sector clearly has profound economic and social implications for the region. 

For this reason sustainability is incredibly important at Tropicalia, where responsible economic development generates innovative solutions to the toughest social challenges and industry demands. In 2010 Tropicalia joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and began aligning business strategy with the universal principles on human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. Our commitment included reporting on progress in these areas through our annual sustainability report; to view all of Tropicalia’s reports, click here.

Tropicalia strikes a careful balance between the needs of today and tomorrow via four key commitments: 

Economic Sustainability

Financial, environmental and social viability are equally considered in making sound business decisions.

Environmental Balance

Protection and conservation of the natural environment using sustainable site development and destination management to preserve biological integrity, habitat connectivity, and green space.

Thoughtful Architecture

Design and development standards that guarantee quality and environmentally sound construction techniques.

Community Advancement

Local economic diversification and community development fomented by Fundación Tropicalia programs in the Miches community.

With all our commitments, we pledge to select partners and providers based on shared value creation and their commitment to sustainability.


Cisneros is a privately held, global enterprise conceived in 1929 by Diego Cisneros. For nearly 90 years Cisneros has sought to impact the world we live in, achieving growth and success by continuing to push boundaries and reach new frontiers. Today, CEO Adriana Cisneros de Griffin is leading the way toward innovation, and commandeering the path of success for Cisneros’ three major business divisions: Media, Interactive and Real Estate.

As a third-generation, family-owned business, Cisneros is committed to the places in which it operates and the people who live there. The company builds a lasting tradition of social leadership with programs that focus on education, human capital development, and sustainability. 

Cisneros Real Estate oversees the corporation’s global real estate holdings and developments. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, the division engages in long-term relationships with partners that share similar values, and, maintains a transparent and open dialogue with local communities to account for their needs and interests. Tropicalia, a sustainable luxury resort development in the Dominican Republic, is the flagship project of Cisneros Real Estate.


Miches diversifies its agricultural offer by creating greenhouses

REDDOM and Fundación Tropicalia have launched an innovative project that seeks to strengthen and diversify agriculture in the municipality of Miches, located in the province of El Seibo.

Foundation works empowering girls

In harmony with the social work performed in Miches for seven years, Fundación Tropicalia will organize "I'm a Girl, I'm important" (SNSI): a summer camp aimed at girls aged 9-12 years, during the months of July and August, whose purpose is to promote a fun, safe and educational environment where they learn about their rights and exercise their role as girls.