Quality Education is Key to Development

Our programs seek to improve all of the conditions that influence a child's education. We have been working for several years to improve school infrastructure, encourage teacher development and support extracurricular student programs.


The School Renovation and Maintenance Program (PRyME) supports education stakeholders and community leaders in efforts to rebuild and maintain school infrastructure to create an environment conducive to learning. An essential piece of the PRyME methodology is the integration of the education community; PRyME’s success is evident when community leaders become project managers. Where the program provides materials, the community coordinates the project, recruits volunteers and sets deadlines for completion. 

To date this program, along with our past teacher training program has had a positive impact on the lives of 4,492 students and more than 200 teachers.


Fundación Tropicalia coordinates a scholarship and cultural exchange program with Universidad ISA (Instituto Superior de Agricultura or UISA) to support young Micheros’ academic, professional, and personal development. 

Universidad ISA is a four-year university specializing in agricultural sciences. Every year three scholarships are awarded to outstanding Miches high-school graduates. The program also provides work-study and cultural and professional exchange opportunities for its students where they can engage with UISA alumni and build their network. There are currently 20students enrolled in the FT-UISA scholarship & cultural exchange program.


EDUCA (Business Action for Education) is a national NGO located in Santo Domingo born from a group of businessmen concerned about the alarming reality of the Dominican education system. 2015 marks the third year of Fundación Tropicalia’s membership on the board of EDUCA, which to this day remains an important player in Education Public Policy.


In 2014 Fundación Tropicalia launched a supplementary activities program in Miches public schools to support students’ interests in and aptitude for the arts and critical and creative thinking:

Arts and Crafts: The Arts and Crafts program aims to motivate and develop students’ fine motor skills through experimentation with different materials like natural fibers, cloth, and felt. The workshop series expanded in 2015, benefitting a total of 201 students at the La Mina and KM10 primary schools. These workshops culminate in a Parent-Student day, where the children displayed their creations.

School Choir: This program supports the existing La Mina School Choir during which students learn about vocalization techniques, expression and proper stage presence. Fundación Tropicalia works with local seamstresses to elaborate uniforms for the school choir. This program also culminates with a performance that parents and community members attended.

Art and Recycling: In an effort to encourage environmental stewardship, a recycling workshop teaches students different artistic techniques using recyclable materials like plastic, wood, and cardboard to create works of art. These too are later displayed for parents and visitors to see.


Fundación Tropicalia Visits Scholarship Students

The Fundación Tropicalia paid a visit to the Universidad ISA to visit Wilkin, Manuel and Marcia, the three Miches students who received FT-ISA scholarships last year and tour ISA’s campus.