The value of being a girl

Friday August 7th we gave closure to the third annual summer camp "I’m a girl, I'm important" (SNSI), the fourth camp organized by Fundación Tropicalia. With the team of volunteers who have accompanied us during the three weeks of camp, we dispatched the last group of girls with games, laughter and tears of emotion throughout the experience. On this occasion, more than 250 girls from six communities have been participating and we are convinced that we will overcome next year.

SNSI is a place to celebrate and share the joy of being a child, without worries. In the camp the girls are free, they feel safe and get our attention, warmth and affection. And so, through the development of activities that arouse emotions and develop their self-esteem, we promote teamwork and bequeath them a beautiful experience.

The activities proposed are intended to strengthen interpersonal relationships, personal care and health, their life plan, their creativity and their great potential, and we do it in the only way for a girl: playing, running, coloring, building, singing, dancing, laughing ... living! Only then can we turn them into multipliers agents of change and help them build a better future.

But all this work would not be possible without the help of many wonderful people. And in Fundación Tropicalia we have had the great fortune to have the support of a few. Such as our volunteers who gave their time, their vacation, their joy and knowledge. They are teachers, lawyers, cooks, entrepreneurs, fishermen, community, students, psychologists, marine biologists, doctors and housewives of Miches and other parts of the country involved to share with our children selflessly. It is also important to recognize the support of the School District 12-04, and basic schools of La Mina, La Gina and Lucas Guibbes, for opening its doors to conduct the camp activities. And of course, we thank the organizations that gave us their sponsorship and support: POS soluciones al punto, Love Me, Colgate, Casa de Orientación y Desarrollo Real (CODR), INTEC, Nosotras, Entrenamiento de Líderes (EDL), Techo, Aid for Aids, Dra. Mirtha Pichardo, Miss Rizos, Recrearte, The Ocean Foundation, Green Love, Women’s Soccer Club, Centro de Atención Integral Familiar (CAIF), Papelería CCC, Visión Mundial por los niños, la Fundación Ayúdame de Corazón, Yoga + and dozens of individual donors and employees of the Cisneros Group.

One more year, the camp ends and classrooms are prepared to begin the school year. We have left the memory of the great moments experienced during the summer, and the weeks of preparation are easily forgotten when I remember their faces full of joy and big smiles. So, without realizing it, a smile will also draw on mine, because my life has also been impacted by all girls of Miches.