The three most awaited weeks of the year are about to begin in Miches!

Every participant of Soy niña, soy importante embarks on a journey of self-recognition and self-worth, developing the confidence to know that she is capable of achieving her most cherished dreams. We remain faithful to the commitment we made 10 years ago to protect each girl’s childhood, guiding them in making timely life choices, and educating them and their community regarding their rights.

This 2023 edition of our summer camp we have incorporated new workshops that will help the girls recognize how everything around them has an impact on their lives, from the music they listen to, to how they use social media.  We have also included a workshop on sea turtles, where they learn to care for the environment and how that affects the beautiful creatures that inhabit their very own beaches.  

Camp content and workshops: Harassment and consent; Self-esteem; Comprehensive sex education; Crafts; Music; Care of turtles and environmental protection; STEAM; Yoga and soccer; General wellness; Fun reading; Relay race; Outdoor activities and games.

Hand-in-Hand with Grupo Bentrani

Fundación Tropicalia together with Grupo Bentrani, representative of Rolex, Montblanc, Cartier and Tudor in the Dominican Republic, recently held a fundraising event to benefit Soy niña, soy importante, where both organizations reiterated their commitment to promoting education and equal opportunities. 

The event, which took place at the Larimar restaurant, featured the special participation of Tatiana Perez, a university student who grew up in Miches and was a beneficiary of Soy niña, soy importante; and Estefany Vasquez, a Dominican actress who performed the monologue ‘Yamila tiene miedo’ (Yamila is afraid). Inspired by the story of the same name, the artistic representation was captivating, full of courage and vulnerability, and demonstrated the challenges Dominican girls face on a daily basis.

In attendance were a group of Soy niña, soy importante ambassadors, along with other influential personalities, who year after year, help us enhance our reach and messaging.  A special thanks to Casa Brugal, La Bodega, Altri Tempi, Plaza Lama, Raquel Paiewonsky and Banreservas who were sponsors of the evening.