Creating opportunities with the scholarship program

Since 2011, Fundación Tropicalia and Universidad ISA (UISA) have shared the same vision, offering opportunities for young talents in the province of El Seibo to better themselves. This is how the scholarship program that fosters inclusion in higher education and cultural exchange is born.

Through this initiative, each year three high school graduates with a high academic record and other qualities such as a sense of leadership and commitment to the development of their province and region, receive the opportunity to pursue their higher education in UISA, specializing in areas that contribute to the economic activity of the area.

As part of the integral development of the participants, the program also provides cultural and professional exchange opportunities, where students can interact with UISA graduates and learn from the challenges and achievements they have reached.

For the academic rector of the Universidad ISA, the engineer Ángel Castillo, it is about giving these young people "the opportunity to obtain a high quality higher education at a professional level, so that through their professional development they can improve their quality of life, the quality of life of their families, and that they can also make important contributions to the development of Miches". 

So far, the lives of 25 young people, some already successfully graduates, have been transformed by receiving a higher education. With them we bet from the education to the development and the growth of the whole province, receiving as return professionals empowered and prepared to lead the socioeconomic activities of Miches and El Seibo.

The young participants of this program fill us with pride and are a visible sign of the results that bring effort and perseverance. With a promising future, they serve as an example and inspiration for the new generations of the whole province.

Alexander Joseph: supporting agricultural financing

Alexander Joseph is a young talent from Miches, who at the age of 24 has completed his university studies to opt for the title of Agronomist, a goal that he will be able to fulfill thanks to his participation in the scholarship program.

The opportunity to participate in the program motivated Alexander to want to start a university career, and turn the dream of a whole family into reality. Due to the precarious economic resources in their home, going to another city to study could only be possible through external financing.

After four years of study, he decided to return to Miches and contribute his acquired knowledge to his community. From BANFONDESA, he is in charge of advising farmers on agricultural financing. In addition, he collaborates with small farmers through greenhouse courses taught by him. His vision of the future is to become an entrepreneur in the agro-ecotourism industry in Miches.

"Everything I am today I thank my mother Nelly Joseph Martinez, who did not give me everything I wanted, but everything I needed; and the most important thing that he has been able to give me is the love of education".

Bierka Corniel: contributing to the classrooms

Bierka Corniel is the youngest teacher of the Liceo Padre Daniel. At 23 years of age, he teaches the subject of Nature Sciences to secondary school students. His beginnings in teaching were as interns, teaching classes to children between six and seven years of age.

Fundación Tropicalia and the Universidad ISA, through the scholarship program, served as liaison for INAFOCAM to grant Bierka the financing of her university degree, to be licensed in Education. 

His family and the community have also been pillars of support throughout the Bierka university process. "The environment where one grows is fundamental to achieve goals, thanks to my family for always supporting me".

Looking ahead, Bierka prepares to become a teacher specializing in chemistry and physics. For her, teaching is a long-term job and the updating of knowledge must be continuous.

"Since I was little I saw my future in education, being a teacher allows me to instill in young people a love for studies".