2023: Another 365 days dedicated to the girls of Miches

The Health and Wellness of our Girls is our Guiding Light

At Soy niña, soy importante we welcome another year full of opportunities to continue to positively impact the girls and teens of Miches. 2022 marked our 10 year anniversary alongside our girls, and it has renewed our commitment to continue our efforts to protect their childhood and defend their rights. 

We are pleased to report our measurable impact through our 10 year infograph, which summarizes our efforts over the past decade. The statistics below showcase our dedication to foster an environment where girls can dream without limits, and where they can make assertive decisions that allow them to be the owners of their future.

Reaching New Heights

We were so proud to see the Soy niña, soy importante flag wave at the top of Pico Duarte (the Caribbean’s highest peak located in central DR), at the hands of Adriana Cisneros, CEO of Cisneros, Maricarmen Saleta, member of SNSI’s Board of Directors and Ivan Gomez, SNSI ambassador since its inception. They scaled this mountain in honor of all the Dominican girls who battle their own personal mountains each day. 

With Ivan’s guidance, who brings a wealth of climbing experience as one of the first Dominicans to have climbed Everest, the journey spanned two days to reach the peak. Climbing just over 10,000 feet, the expedition is a symbolic message to our girls about overcoming challenges and believing in yourself even in moments of adversity. 

 “It was an absolute privilege to carry the Soy niña, soy importante flag with me. It was always a dream of mine to take that photo atop the highest peak in the Caribbean, alongside Ivan and Maricarmen, to serve as inspiration to all the girls who form part of this beautiful initiative.” Adriana Cisneros.

Web Refresh

As part of our ongoing communications strategy for Soy niña, soy importante, we recently made a few improvements to our website. This refreshment includes a new look along with enhanced functionality to improve information architecture. Did you know you can now set up recurring monthly or yearly donations on our site? 

We encourage you to visit snsi.fundaciontropicalia.com and browse through our updated timeline and awards section, as well as our Girls page which includes general information on the context of girls in the DR, along with beautiful testimonies from our beneficiaries and volunteers!